According to the articles of the association, the Lighthouse is headed by an 11-member Board of Directors on a purely voluntary basis, which is elected every three years by the members of the General Assembly. 

President: Maria Tzevelekou                                 

First Vice President: Georgia Roukoutaki                                   

Second Vice President: Fotis Zakkas                                              

General Secretary: Emmanouil Basias

Deputy General Secretary: Dimitra Katsarou           

Cashier: Christos Lekkas


General Director: George Karkoulias

Director of Social Care and Development: Georgia Mila


Vasiliki Georgaka

Dimitris Papachristos

George Vlasopoulos

Gregory Konstantelos

Christos Koromilas

Deputy Members:

Athanasios Papaioannou

Dimitrios Ntovas

George Panopoulos

Dimitrios Palialexis

Dionysia Lappou