Specialized Braille Printing Department

Printing in Braille

The Printing Department is equipped with up-to-date printing embossers like INDEX, THIEL, Braillo and Braillo SW 440 (Donation of S. NIARCHOS FOUNDATION), THIEL (Donation of EVGENIDOU FOUNDATION) and IMPACTO (Donation of D) and has the necessary know-how for the production of any kind of form.

The Printing Department publishes books in Braille for Foreign and Greek Literature, Educational Books of all levels (except the School Book Organization), Music, Ecclesiastical, Scientific content, Foreign Languages, user manuals, etc. There are also 4 magazines printed in Braille: The Anemi "(Children's Book),"Health", “Between us" and" Lighthouse ", which are distributed in Greece and Cyprus, along with special editions (such as "the Theatrical Winter "). There is also a Special Service transcribing University Books to Braille, to serve the relevant needs of blind students and scientists.

Historical Braille Library

Through the Braille Lending Library, the only BRAILLE Historical Library in Greece, the produced books are lent to the blind of the country and Cyprus and to Greek expatriates abroad. The Library is located on the 1st floor of the building and covers an area of ​​about 100 square meters, containing old and rare books in Braille, as well as copies of all the printing activity of the association. There are also books by ancient authors, scientific, literary, musical, foreign language, as well as the books of the distinguished blind pianist, G. Themelis and the blind teacher of Byzantine Music, D. Chrysafidis.
There are also Braille typewriters and embossed maps in this Department.

The Library is constantly being enriched, with the books titles amounting to 5,000 so far. 

BRAILLE signs and informational material

The Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece, a Certified Center for learning Braille, as well as for the transcription of the Greek and Latin alphabet to the Braille writing form, can prepare and provide you with signs in braille writing form for indoor and outdoor use, in aluminum and durable plastic (PVC). At our specialised printing centre, Braille signs and brochures can be printed for archaeological sites, museums, attractions, businesses, restaurants, etc.

Catalogues in Braille

The Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece informs you that according to the Ministerial Decision no.: 91354 of the Ministry of Economy and Development, all the mass catering and leisure shops must ensure the information of people with disabilities on of the kept price list.

According to the Greek Legislation and specifically to the Law 4488/2017, the Greek Braille system is recognized as the way of writing for the blind Greek citizens. The state is obliged to take measures to promote it, as well as to meet the communication needs of the above citizens.

Therefore, there must be relevant care so that the blind customers have equal treatment and access to the informational material through printings in their writing system.

The Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece through the Professional Braille Printing Department with its know-how and special equipment effectively takes on the production of price lists in Braille writing system.

Braille printings are made on special printing paper which maintains the relief of the surface, with dimensions 30.5cm * 23cm. In order to create, edit, print and proofread the first essay for each directory, it is demanded to have the content of the catalogues in word files (plain text without boards, images e.t.c.) in greek and English separately

The cost for the production of 1 Greek and 1 English catalog, amounts to 50 € (including the printing-correction of the essay by a blind proofreader, as well as the production-splitting - composition of the catalogs (VAT 6% is included).

For information relatively to the procedure on creating price lists in Braille, you can contact our Secretariat Department (from Monday to Friday-7:30 to 14:30) at 210 9415222.

Production of embossed graphics

For the printing of the graphics Special heat-sensitive microcapsule paper is used. Any line, shape or letter drawn or printed in black on the microcapsule paper page will be embossed almost immediately after passing through the special PIAF printer.

It is ideal for the production of relief maps such as the relief map-guide of an archeological site, buildings, hotels, etc., for the learning of simple geometrical shapes and concepts, for the acquaintance with handwritten texts by visually impaired people, for printing braille texts etc. Also with the help of the PIAF one can understand the shape of complex shapes, such as the shape of an animal, object, plant, etc.

For information, please contact the Person in charge of the Printing Department of the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece, Mr. Papastamatiou Dimitris, at: 2109415222, from 7:30 to 14:30.